Dec 18:  Installment 1 of background on the project.

This new page will provide periodic reports on the history behind the Balcony/Walkway project.  The purpose is to answer questions about the project that aren't addressed in the periodic reports and notices on the "Balcony/Walkway Project News" page.  Examples of topics that may be discussed are:   why the project is needed, why now, why it's so expensive, what's the long term plan, when will it have to be repeated, etc.  If you have questions you'd like answered here, please send them to the board president (for contact info, see the page "Contact Us"). 

All entries are posted in chronological order, newest on top, consistent with other pages on this site.

Dec 28:  Installment #3 of background on the project.

Jan 4:  ​Installment #5, which addresses the financial arrangements for the project,  is posted below.  This posting fulfills a Board promise noted with the Dec  21 posting (scroll down to locate) to address criticisms in a member's letter about the financial arrangements.

Jan 4:  Installment #4 of the series on the background on the project.

Jan. 9:  Installment #6

Dec 26:  Installment #2 of background on the project.

Dec 21:  "Notice to All Owners" from Board regarding letter critical of Balcony/Walkway Project.  ​Many unit owners received a letter from an owner critical of our board's actions regarding the balcony/walkway restoration project.   There were two primary criticisms:  (1) that the project was unnecessary, and (2) that the financial arrangements to support the work was improper.   The first criticism is addressed in the following document from our board and from Jim Emory, Professional Engineer,  president of the contracting company performing the work.  The second criticism is addressed in Installment #5 (scroll up to locate), added to this website on Jan 4.